Visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace and Get Lots of Enjoyment 

  • ColdPress
  • Oct 28, 2022

If you are looking for tourist attractions with green features, come and visit Tegalalang rice terrace which is part of Ubud region. Either domestic or international travelers admire Tegalalang rice terrace fir its traditional irrigation system called “Subak”. As they are acknowledged, Rsi Makandeya passed it down in the 8th century.

What does Tegalalang rice terrace offers? Check out our review as follows:

Panoramic Views

Located in a valley, Tegalalang rice fields or terrace has spectacular panoramic views over the terraces and green landscape around. Pejeng and Campuhan are villages that have the most stunning-looking rice terraces in Ubud region.

Awarded as one of UNESCO World Heritage sites, Tegalalang rice fields become internationally popular. Today, it’s been common for either domestic or foreign visitors. In short, its panoramic views make it a perfect place to get relaxed.

How To Reach Tegalalang Rice Terrace

There is no worry about reaching Tegalalang rice terrace since you’ll need only 20 minutes to get there from the north of Ubud. However, you’ll need two hours if you go on foot. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to reach the terrace. You can go there by motorcycle or car that you have rented before. Going by taxi is also possible. All is available for your convenience.

Most Excited Attractions

Tegalalang rice terrace offers the most excited attractions that everyone can choose to have fun. They are hiking down the elevation, swinging at Love Bali sign and taste the original Balinese coffee.

In this way, most visitors prefer hiking down the elevation once they arrive at Tegalalang rice fields. They will cross the small stream and reach the rice terrace on the other side. If you want to take some instagrammable photos, there are some spots where you can climb down and explore them. In this case, you’ll need approximately 30 minutes to one and a half on an hour to explore the entire area of Tegalalang rice terrace.

While exploring the terrace, you can also come over Love Bali sign and swing there. Considering the sign is located in the entrance of the rice terrace, you can create a cute and unforgettable memory. However, make sure you have some cash as there are usually many local kids guarding the sign.

Other swings to enjoy their sensation are Aloha Ubud Swing and Lotus Ubud Swing which have already had CHSE certificate. Swinging there enables you to feel the real and fresh breeze around the area.

The last but not least attraction that you should not miss is tasting the original Balinese coffee. In this way, Bali Pulina plantation is highly recommended. 1.3 km far away from the terrace, you can directly witness how local people produce traditional Luwak Coffee. Besides, stunning green landscapes are available to be your background in going through the plantation.

In conclusion, Tegalalang rice terrace offers lots of enjoyment that invite you to come back to Bali again and again.